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Fabriqué à partir d'un moule unique avec l'acrylique cristallin de la plus haute qualité

CONCEPTION: offre une petite empreinte pour organiser 26 beaucoup de revêtements de lentilles et de lèvres tout en occupant moins d'espace

ORGANISEZ 26 produits individuels pour les yeux et les lèvres - Conçu avec 20 plongées régulières et 6 jumbo

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Made From A Single Mold With No Glued Pieces, This Premium Acrylic Eye Liner & Lip Liner Organizer Comes With 26 Individual Spaces With An Efficiently Sized Footprint.
SIZE: 5L x 2.16W x 2.16H Inches & Comes With (20) Regular Slots Measuring .34 Inches In Diameter And Comes With (6) Jumbo Slots In The Front Measuring .50 Inches In Diameter.
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PRODUCT BACKGROUND: Inspired By Professional Makeup Artists, You Will Notice The Difference In All BYALEGORY Products When Compared To The Industry Standard. From Design, To Durability, To Functionality, You Will Instantly Notice A Difference In The Feel Of Its Weight, The Look Of Its Color And Realize The Lasting Durability From The Moment You Pick It Up. Imagine Owning A High Quality And Durable Makeup Organizer That You Will Be Instantly Satisfied With And Every Day After. Our Products Are Tailored To Match A Wide Range Of Decor; Whether It Be In Your Personal Bathroom, A Vanity Area Or Your Shop, Our Premium Quality Acrylic Organizers Are Made To Visually Stimulate And Highlight Your Beauty Products.
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PLEASE NOTE: Beauty Makeup Products Inside Acrylic Storage Container Shown Are NOT Included And Are For Demonstration Purposes Only. BYALEGORY is a registered trademark.

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